Thousands download Disaster Chasers app
Disaster Chasers, designed and developed by James St. Clair in collaboration with WHRO, has already been downloaded nearly 6,000 times. This app focuses on natural disasters, which asks students to identify and locate natural disasters on different continents and bodies of water. Students will become masters of disaster as they move through five levels that increase in difficulty. Students can even compete against their friends through the leader board. This app targets the Virginia Standards of Learning in World Geography 2a and 2b (PDF).
GAMeS Lab Wins $5,000 App Development Competition
In the News: "Governomics", a role-playing app designed to teach students about economics, won 3rd place in the 2010 statewide Standards of Learning Apple Apps Challenge. Congratulations to developer and GAMeS Lab member, A.J. Tucker, on this great achievement! This award-winning app is free from the Apple App Store and targets SOLs CE.11, CE.12, and CE.13.