About Us

Technology has been making its way into classrooms nationwide through the use of iPod touches and iPads. The goal of the GAMeS Lab at Radford University is to design interactive mobile games and study the impact of these products on student engagement and learning. With funding from the Virginia Department of Education, the number of teachers gaining access to this advanced technology is growing within southwestern Virginia. Although these teachers are working within a small region, their advice and strategies to incorporate the iPod touches and iPads into their classroom may be beneficial for educators worldwide. Visit the “Videos” page to see students participating in class with iPod touches and gain valuable insight from educators already using the technology with their students. You can also learn more about the various award-winning apps from GAMeS Lab by visiting the “Apps” page that showcase standards-aligned apps to target elementary to secondary grade levels in language arts, math, and social science.

If you have any questions, contact Matt Dunleavy, Ph.D., at mdunleavy@radford.edu.